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About the Queen of Domain Names

FounderOur founder, the multi-talented Nevada Breeze, is the original Queen of Domain Names. In her career as a composer, songwriter, producer, and artist, she has carved out a unique identity as the creative force that can help to propel brands to the next level. In the entertainment industry, she is known as the Queen of Hooks, and she has supplied catchy hooks, songs, jingles, and promos for companies worldwide. Her discipline, productivity, and creativity have distinguished her as the source for attention-grabbing, memorable content. Now, as the Queen of Domain Names, Nevada Breeze wants to make sure you have the best web address to suit your company, product, or brand.

Her distinctive style features “alphanumericalword.” As the universal language of sound, alphanumericalword allows her to draw on imaginative visual and sonic combinations to create expressive material. This approach opens up the possibilities in the world of domain names, where many standard English names are already taken. So while she’ll exhaust all traditional English alternatives in her effort to find the right domain for you, alphanumericalword is just one of the tricks she has up her sleeves to find “the brand-boosting domain 4 U.”

To learn more about Nevada Breeze, please feel free to visit her website. We appreciate your business and look forward to working with you!

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